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I am generally somewhat of a fanboi for the crap that I buy You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Register a new account. So this doesn’t need the Sam? After everything, I still have to airplay apple music or use the on screen interface on apple TV another app or remote. Does it remain a variable speed system? I’d expect to see zero automation buttons.

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My control4 system isn’t bad, but it isn’t great either. The efficiencies gained through this type of vertical integration will be really hard to ignore. It clearly states ” remote control of Evolution Systems by home automation systems without the use of a SAM module” http: The best affordable solution for lo We all know that cladding the Media with Cover Arts is a very time consuming task.

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General Control4 Discussion Search In. Maybe no open API for anyone to even write a driver. For the best viewing experience please update your browser to Google Chrome.

LOL to be fair, it’s been out for less than two weeks. Originally Posted by Aslan. The one driver every project needs.

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We wanted our Carrier Cor Thermostat to connect to Control4, and guess what, can not do it we were told. You need a dealer to add hardware. More likely contrl4 would gain more benefit from accessing your personal computer via your network if that is possible. Can some one please help. This is the most important thing for me in fact when you look at my usage.



Treat your dealer well, find one that works like you, and you’ll have a great experience. I would like the security system to lock my doors, provide an intercom, video recording, and give me remote access when I’m not home, inrinity maybe monitor for fires and whatnot. In fact, dig into your control4 or crestron cxrrier and you will notice that there may be hundreds of various control buttons but only a few actual automations.

I’d expect to see zero automation buttons. Yes you can get around the apple tv carrrier bit with c4, you just can’t do enough with the interface. Unfortunately you will lose every infiniyt of proprietary variable speed functionality. I believe there is a native Hue Driver. Other drivers from other brands still work with Sonos, but C4 as a public company is not going rouge and coming up with hack drivers that once an API changes, will break, then leave their customers in a lurch.

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That said, most if not all of what I read is about control, not automation. Free Generic Serial to Ethernet Driv The point of automation is that no buttons are needed, things just happen. Should be pretty easy to figure out if you can hook up a standard t-stat. The two-way Control4 driver allows alerts to be received via email or the Control4 UI — an They will not give Control4 access to the software so they can write a new driver to automate, all previous versions of firm wear can be controlled by Control4 and no issues so just the latest versions seem to be the issue.

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I also have a Carrier Infinity Tstat but it is several years old. There are security concerns invinity about hosting access to your house in the cloud. The simple control system connected to my honeywell thermostats well as caarrier as belkin wemo switches that i use for 12v triggers.

I wouldn’t recommend them, unfortunately, no other options to integrate. Then the furnace was replaced so I went with the Carrier thermostat – but there is no reason that you have to go with their thermostat, is there?

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